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My Experience with JEN

My name is Margaret Lindrio James; I am one of the national female staff employed by JEN South Sudan for Yei program since July 2013. I am a Community Mobilizer who mobilizes the community for JEN’s activities.   I love my Job as a community Mobilizer.  I have gained experience in community mobilization and working with communities.

[I am happy to work with JEN]

I mobilized the women group called “TINATE” in Ombasi boma and TINATE means” THANK YOU” in Bari Language.  This group was empowered by JEN to produce soap to be used for hygiene promotion.  As the group was learning how to make soap, I also got the chance to learn through the group and now I have the knowledge and skill for making soap – I can now make soap for myself at home.

I was also involved in implementing the Emergency Response program to the IDPs in Kenyi Payam- Lainya County. I learnt a lot about how to deal with needy people, I also leant how to communicate with needy people and how to be patient. They are always appreciative and this always encourages me to love to work with communities.
A mother was very excited during the distribution of aid items in Loka West boma-Kenyi Payam. She said “Today my children will have a sound sleep!” after when she had received the mosquito net donated by JEN. She was very happy. She said she had had sleepless nights due to mosquito bites.

[Today my children will have a sound sleep!”]

Though there were lots of check-points on the road we managed to transport aid items to the distribution sites, this happened simply because we had good communication skills and we were also respecting the authorities.
Personally, I have learnt a lot from JEN, which has enabled me to help the communities and also helped myself. My colleagues are cooperative and we work as a team.

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

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