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Let’s Create Dream Playground!

JEN held a workshop on “Let’s Create Dream Playground!” in cooperation with UNIQLO Dream Wall project on August 24 and September 7.

JEN organized the workshop to seek ideas from children and locals so that it might incorporate the ideas into a plan to realize a playground where children can’t wait to go playing and get excited just by going, “Dream Playground”, on the ground of the Kamikama Fureai Square in the west of Ishinomaki city.

A total of about 100 people including the area’s children attended the workshop, creating a lively atmosphere.

【Participants of the first workshop】

【Participants checked on what the situation of the square is like.】

On August 24, some 50 children got together at the workshop place in the gymnasium of Kama Municipal Elementary School in Ishinomaki city.

First, all of the participants walked to the square, and observed how large it is, where it is, and what its surroundings are. Mr. Ryo Yamazaki, a community designer, served as the overall facilitator for the workshop. Serving as team facilitators, local high school students took active roles as the children’s helpful big brothers and sisters.

After returning from the square, they acted out on what they think want to do to play.

【They acted out their ideas.】

【They made idea cards using polaroid.】

Each team integrated cards to put them on a vellum paper, that being the end of the first workshop.

In the second workshop, the participants, on the basis of the ideas created during the first workshop, did a brainstorming about how to play, where to set up playground equipment and what color best suit the equipment, with the help of a replica of the playground.

【The children got excited about workshop using a replica!】

Under the theme of “What do you do, if you play in this playground all day?”, each team determined the layout of the playground, color of the equipment, and how to play with the equipment, putting them together into a plan. Then each team presented its plan in front of other teams. Architect Mr. Masayoshi Takeuchi will integrate those plans to wrap up an architectural plan, which will take a concrete shape next spring.

【Each team gave a presentation on its plan!】

JEN is committed to continuing its activities to create an environment where children really want to play along with locals so that they may be able to realize a town where they can live an easier life and hope to live for a long time for themselves.

The workshop on August 24 appeared in the Kahoku Shinpou online news, the other on September 7 appeared in the ASAHI Shinbun digital. Please check them.

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