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JEN’s vehicle in South Sudan


Large-size four-wheel-drive vehicles, like seen in the picture above, are used in JEN's activities.
JEN uses this type of vehicle, not a standard-sized one, because the roads JEN's vehicle runs on everyday are usually unpaved. Even those that are paved are usually damaged or have potholes.

Even off-road type vehicles like this one often have troubles with the suspension system. JEN brings its vehicle to car maintenance shops for inspection regularly. As a means of transportation, such vehicles are indispensable for JEN's activities, so JEN makes it a point to take the vehicles in for regular inspections so as not to disrupt the schedule of JEN's activities.


The picture above shows the license plate of our vehicle. Do you see the word “NGO” on the plate? Actually, this is the license plate for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO). A great number of NGOs are working in South Sudan, and many of their vehicles also have NGO license plates like this.

Today's topic is something about vehicles in South Sudan.

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September 4, 2014 in South Sudan |