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JEN’s 20th Foundation Anniversary Posters

This year marks the 20th anniversary of JEN’s foundation and so a variety of programs are ongoing. As part of the programs, two different posters, “Arigato(I appreciate your help)!” and “Wash Your Hands!”, were put up in JEN’s offices in Ishinomaki like in seven countries abroad where JEN is working.

In 2011, following the occurrence of the great earthquake, you could watch TV stations broadcast commercials to raise public awareness and encourage a sense of unity by Japan Advertising Council, and also the word “Arigato (I appreciate your help)!” was heard to be exchanged many times in daily life. That corresponds with Ishinomaki staff member’s comment like “the word ‘Arigato’ reminds me of the great earthquake.” I remembered rediscovering that it’s essential to say aloud the Arigato in order to convey your appreciation to others while hearing the word repeatedly at that time.

We Japanese live in such an environment where we can use clean, safe water as much as we like that we say “Wash Your Hands!” without being aware of our water blessed environment. However, when the great earthquake broke out, the biggest problem we faced was the lack of access to water. In Japan, now that the environment in which we can wash our hands anywhere and anytime is nothing special, we usually haven’t felt the worth of water. In fact we are apt to forget that this environment we consider natural is not the case abroad. But looking at this poster was a good opportunity for us to reflect on the fact that many people in the countries where JEN’s staff members are working don’t have access to safe, clean water.

【JEN’s staff members before a poster put on the wall of Ishinomaki office】

While thinking of fellow JEN members working abroad, members of Ishinomaki office can reach the same thoughts with them. We are committed to forging ahead with its mission to realize a warless and dispute less world and a society where everybody can independently live in happiness.

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