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Haitian food

Haitian people eat rice as their staple diet. While rice is a staple of Japanese food as well, unlike Japanese people, Haitian people usually cook rice with salt and oil. Generally, Haitian food uses a lot of oil, compared to Japanese food.

As seen in the photos below, Haitians cook red beans with rice, and the beans make the rice looks red. The red rice looks similar to Japanese festive food, “Sekihan” (rice steamed with red adzuki beans) but they have completely different tastes. This red rice is one of the typical Haitian dishes. In Haiti, people often cook meat seasoned by lemons and limes with tomato paste.

[Rice with beans]          

[Red beans sauce]

[Chicken cooked with tomato paste]

In Haiti, people also eat fried bananas and food like donuts, which is made of a vegetable. 

[Donuts made of Haitian vegetable]

In Haiti, we enjoy a lot of fruits such as bananas, mangos, and pomegranates. The country’s tropical climate makes it possible to eat mangos almost throughout a year. There are mango trees around JEN Haiti office, and we are looking forward to eating the mangos soon.

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