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Floods in Baghlan Province

Almost 80% of Afghanistan is mountainous area, and this is one of the main reasons for flood in Afghanistan.  Flood in those mountainous areas causes casualties and damage to buildings, facilities, gardens, farms and natural resources every year.
One of the reasons for recent floods in northern part of Afghanistan is not seasonal rains but dry land and deforestation from mountain slopes by villagers for their daily needs for cooking foods.

Human lives and properties affected by flood in Afghanistan is people who built houses on the flood path. Weak economy  forced people to build houses on the slopes of hills and mountains. People are not aware of the risk of flood and they are facing the damage of flood.

The highest loss of life and property to the people in some areas of Baghlan was brought by Baghlan floods in 2014. The district of Guzarga-e- Noor is the largest damaged area. The village in this area is totally destroyed by flood. As a result, hundreds of houses are destroyed and hundreds of people were killed. Farang district is the second damaged area. A number of people and houses have been flood victims. The third damaged city is Pul-e-khumri in Quli Naw abad which has been washed a number of houses and full up the city water canal.

Mr. Qasaim, an elder of Gazargah-e-Noor district, said that more than hundreds of houses had been destroyed and several people including women and children had lost their lives in the last natural disaster. He also said that the affected people need humanitarian assistance as those who survived the devastating flood are living in open air.


TThe humanitarian aid organization has been assisted those who survived the devastating flood and living in open air. One of the humanitarian aids among those was JEN, which organization distributed tent for the affected people who were living in open air and constructed protection wall to avoid next floods.
Mr. Gull Agha, who is living in the district of Qull Naw Abad, is free employ selling vegetables. A part of his poor house was shattered by recent floods. Mr. Gull Agha has thanked to humanitarian aid organization for their kind assistant, especially JEN who are working hard and constructed protection wall to obstacle next disaster.


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September 18, 2014 in Afghanistan |