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Baghdad status now

Most of Baghdad people are living now in an erratic tension because of the suddenly bomb in any location at any time or chimerical checkpoint. The chimerical check points consist of aggressive sectarian that target other religion group (Sunni). Most of Iraqi people in Baghdad have a critical life and have a dangerous life, 25% from Baghdad population or more leave the city after January to Kurdistan (Arbel or Sulaimaniya) or Turkey where it is safer. Many Iraqis are going to the united nation bureaus to get the resettlement in America or other countries.

From other side in July we note several thousand refugees coming from Tallaafar to Baghdad because of Al Mousil occupation by the armed group.  Mousil is the second largest city in Iraq and located up-north of Iraq. Large No. of young men are working as soldiers in the governmental army in the war at the west of Baghdad or to the north of Baghdad, and afraid of being killed.
The life in small cities around Baghdad, like Abu Gharib at the west of Baghdad or Yousifiya to the south of Baghdad and Tarmiya or Taji to the north of Baghdad, is very bad life; continuous arresting men at a random form.

After December 2013 where the war in Al Falluja & Al Rumadi starting most of the private jobs activity decreasing to 50% and after June when (Al Mousil occupation) the activity decreasing to 15%, most kinds of private jobs were stopped . As a result; the phenomena of kidnapping rich people for ransom has increased since two months.


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