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Volunteer Work Turns into a New Style: 10th “Let’s go to the sea!”

On July 19-20, “Let’s go to the sea!” took place in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture. The tenth of the event featured hands-on experiences in fishing at Yagawahama on the Oshika peninsula and joining in a festival at Oharahama. Participants came from Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba and as far as Italy.

This time, the local staff of the event have their comments.

●Yagawahama’s event staff who hosted hands-on fishing experiences
“During the exchange party over dinner I was able to hold a deep and serious discussion with the participants on how to let people across the country know that Yagawahama is farming ascidian, having a rewarding time; please do come again.”

【Exchange Party over dinner】

●Oharahama’s event staff who hosted hands-on festival experiences
“Many people have left Oharaham after the disaster and that made us hard to hold our festival by ourselves; but thanks to people across the country including the participants of “Let’s go to the sea!” we were able to hold it; we’ll do our best so that people who once join our festival may find reasons to come to join the next year’s festival; here we have something missing in urban areas; Please come to visit the Oshika peninsula.”

【Mikoshi parade in Oharahama festival】

●A minshuku(guest house) staff
“I understand the program, ‘Let’s go to the sea!’, aims at letting its participants feel our attachment to our home town by mixing with locals in the Oshika peninsula; what is good about the program is both participants and locals become connected to each other; we are elaborating many services like never before, so please participate in our events and enjoy mixing with fishermen.”

【A commemorative photo before minshuku (guest house) Meguro】

After reading the comments of local event staff members, how do you feel?
I believe you have found that they are filled with deep love for their home town and the Oshika peninsula.
While the Oshika peninsula is still on the road to recovery from the disaster, locals are doing their best toward recovery. Why don’t you come to visit the Oshika peninsula to help boost its recovery?

【They joined a family of “Let’s go to the sea!”】

“Let’s go to the sea!”, a series of tour events, was launched in the end of 2012 to respond to locals’ aspirations: “We’d like to say a big thankyou to those people who helped us and stay connected with as many people as possible.”

Future Plans:
○The thirteenth event;
- Saturday December 6 and following Sunday
- Experience in shelling oysters at Higashihama (Details are decided later)

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