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My name is Emmanuel Kenneth and I am one of the national staff employed by JEN since July 2013 as an Administration Officer based in Juba with frequent travel to the field side.

With time I came to learn about programs activities in Otogo payam in Yei River Nile in Central Equatoria State, looking at the impact of the activities and JEN’s presence in South Sudan I am very proud to be one of the cooperative team, our hygiene promoters are specialized in training selected trainers by the community leaders who afterwards train the community in hygiene awareness as well as in the schools_ and the impact reflected itself alone when the recent cholera outbreak across South Sudan, even in Yei River County, no one from Otogo payam was affected nor Rubeke sub boma.

I am also very glad to see JEN working in the Economic Empowerment Program that supported women empowerment group and soap making group in Ombasi to produce soaps to enhance hygiene promotion and income generation, those bars of soap have also been distributed to the IDP`s in Keny payam when the fight broke out in South Sudan in December 15th, 2013.

JEN`s water point preventive operational and maintenance (POM) program has benefited the community by educating community leaders in sustainability of boreholes while POM mechanics are trained to mechanically maintain and repair borehole installed in the community areas those boreholes provide adequate water to the community.

Through all challenges of insecurity, road accessibility, transport and lack of qualified mechanics JEN`s is still behind the people of South Sudan and working hand in hand with its community members.

Personally I have been trained by the international staff in reporting system and its timeline, security and its importance, finance, and remote management, which has a very big impact on my capacity development and I am very thankful to work with professionals.


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