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Provision of safe drinking water

Almost every one of us knows the importance of water in our daily life. Simply life is not possible without water. But it is very unfortunate that safe water is not available everywhere in the world. Especially the third world countries face severe problems to get safe water for drinking purposes. Same is the case with Afghanistan where safe drinking water is not available in every part of the country. Most people use open and unhygienic water on daily basis for their drinking purposes. Even contaminated water of river is used by people in the remote parts of the country.


For the purpose of providing safe water to the students, JEN is constructing WASH facilities i.e. wells and water reservoirs in targeted schools. To make it sure that all WASH facilities should be safe and according to the international standards, JEN decides to test the water in all targeted schools. In the first step JEN established a water lab to test the water of the targeted schools. Biological tests of water are carried out in this lab. JEN also coordinates with MoPH to test the water chemically. From this year JEN allocated fund for the installation of water filtration system in the target schools.


If the water is found to be contaminated, we consult with SMCs about the possibility of water chlorination or installation of water filtration system.
SMC will be responsible for the maintenance of the filtration system.


Hanief Khan
Senior Programme Assistant
JEN Islamabad Office

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August 21, 2014 in Afghanistan |