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Monitoring visit for Livelihood recovery assistant project

Livelihood recovery project in DI Khan successfully completed in February 2014. After 6 months, JPF, the partner organization of JEN for this project, planned a monitoring visit to the project areas by external consultant team. This was a good opportunity for JEN also to assess the level of success of the project.
The program was set to have interviews/group discussion with beneficiaries, meeting with livestock department and district authorities. As per plan the JEN and JPF teams visited field area in Tehsil Paroa. Detailed discussion regarding project contents took place with beneficiaries. It was indeed wonderful that community didn’t forget the technical knowledge of livestock management which was delivered to them during project cycle.


Later on the beneficiaries brought the goats. They informed that goats are given 1.5 to 2.5 liters of milk on daily basis. The baby goats are becoming the size of their mothers now.


The beneficiaries informed that they are saving money by not buying milk and by milk products from outside. Also they have 2 to 3 baby goats so they do posses cash in their hands which can be utilized in case there is emergency e.g. health expenses.


After the community meeting, meeting with livestock department official in charge took place in his office. The official informed that it was one of the best projects he has seen so far in DI Khan.
Meeting with Assistant Commissioner DI Khan also took place.  He appreciated JEN on its coordination with the district authorities and being transparent all the time.
After the completion of the project there were discussion on the point that the beneficiaries will use the awareness and technical knowledge provided to them or not. This was indeed a good monitoring visit which clarified this point. This is more important than providing assets to beneficiaries.

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August 21, 2014 in Pakistan |