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Conflict affected Livestock from North Waziristan Agency

Around 1,000,000 people have migrated from North Waziristan Agency to KP since the launch of military operation in June. These people left everything behind and escaped the area in the effort to save their lives. The displacement was sudden and huge in number therefore the people faced various difficulties like panic among the community and lack of transportation etc. Those who managed to escape took some of their valuables including their livestock and reached the settled areas of KPK.

Before this operation there were about 940,729 numbers of livestock including both small and large animals, half of which was expected to reach displaced area but according to government updates about 350,000 small and large animals and 150,000 poultry have reached there. In emergency situation like this, people brought their livestock with them which shows how much importance livestock have in their lives.

The government has urged humanitarian actors to provide assistance to the IDPs and their livestock to protect their basic source of livelihood. Already above 6,000 mortalities of livestock have been reported due to severe transportation and little feed intake. So there are more chances of disease outbreaks and mortalities due to low immunity.

The IDPs have already lost more than half of their livestock during displacement either selling at very low rate or leaving behind at homes. In a survey of displaced people it is found that people sold their livestock on 70% less prices.

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August 7, 2014 in Pakistan |