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Childhood in Iraq

Half of the Children in Iraq haven’t had correct childhood in the period from 1980 and above.  In the period of 1980 and below, the children were really felling the affection from fathers and mothers, the children were going to the schools to get the learning from the primary school rising up to complete the university.

From 1980 up to 1991 high ratio from the babies and children losing the affection from them fathers because of the war between Iraq & Iran from 1980 to 1988.  The war took place and more than 2 million men killed in this war and about quarter of this number of captives had need to live in Iran for 7 years or more. Accordingly along the childhood period there is no directing from the fathers and there were no fathers affecting, and in this case, mothers must working to get living and the children couldn’t see their mother from the morning to afternoon.  High ratio from them didn’t get the required learning from the house and schools, at the result they were as lost generation.

At the period from 1991 to 2003 the Iraqi children have another sad  period because of the economic blockade on Iraq. Income only from the house father had been decreased rapidly and couldn’t run the family. Then more than 40% from the children started quitting the schools in early stage schools.

From 2003 till now, there are more than 4 million orphans with no fathers and some of them without mothers. These orphans with no fathers’ affection and most of them work with no learning, and large number of them were as a beggars in the main streets. The Iraqi childhood from affliction to other, they don’t see the childhood like other countries.


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