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Celebration of JEN founding anniversary

*Note: This article and pictures were written and taken in the first half period of 2014.

A celebration of Baghdad JEN office on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the founding of JEN had been held in the organization's office.

The celebration was attended by a number of officials of the Ministry of Education and directors of the companies accredited by Organization:

The staff of the JEN in Iraq prepared some posters representing the organization's logo.
In addition to “Thank you.” As the poster of 20th Anniversary of JEN , the slogan of JEN  and MOFA as“From the people of Japan also were displayed.


In addition to a large cake decorated with JEN logo…the representatives of the Ministry of Education Join us cutting it, , in particular, and they wish to JEN all the progress, prosperity and more Liberality to the peoples of the world in general and the Iraqi people in particular.


And we explained a summary about the founding of the organization and the countries in which it operates as well as the organization's activities in Iraq since 2003 until now.
All of them have praised the work of the organization and its quality and the positive results achieved by it. Especially in creating a healthy, safe and secure environment in the schools, and pay attention to hygiene and raise health awareness among teachers and students and through them to their families, and also praised at the sincerity and dedication of JEN staff in their follow-up their job as well as to the cooperation and coordination between the organization and representatives of the Ministry of Education.


Finally they asked us to deliver their congratulations to the leadership of the organization in the HQ and their wishes for more success, work and Liberality in Iraq and other countries in the world which suffered and that are still exposed to disasters.

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August 28, 2014 in Iraq |