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We are All Together

The 20th anniversary of JEN has gathered the messages from 8 countries on one page. We all read it, felt happy about it and felt togetherness with our fellow colleagues from other countries. After looking at the page, we feel JEN is not working in 8 countries but it is working in 1 world. We don’t feel difference between Nationalities but we feel we are all humans.

As we were reading in Tamil, Arabic, Pashto, Dari, Urdu, Haitian, Tewo Araou, Bari, Sinhara and Juba Arabic, the pleasure and happiness can’t be explained in words. It gives happiness to everyone, laughter to everyone as the pronunciation was becoming difficult. Making fun of each other on wrong pronunciation and yet feeling the togetherness of fellow colleagues from other countries.

The 20th anniversary of JEN provided a platform for all of us to come together, to believe in each other and to respect each other. This process initiation is indeed appreciable, we feel that it shall be carried on in the future as well so that we can come more close to each other, learn more from each other and promotes an atmosphere of friendship and peace. Our ultimate goal is to support people in need in a good way at different places in the world so we should work together united as a fist to achieve that goal and to support the victims and survivors.


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July 10, 2014 in Pakistan |