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Self-Introduction part2

I am Samar Shakil Butt
I joined JEN as Finance and Accounts Assistant

I am an Accountant by profession and an ACCA by qualification which was the prime reason for my selection. After completion of my study I was inducted at the Islamabad office of one of the largest accounting network International firms as an Audit associate. However due to my commitment or work, I achieved two promotions in a single calendar year. I was promoted to Audit Semi-Senior role and started leading audit teams on various external audits engagements. During my stay at that audit and accounting firm, I was assigned to a diversified range of industries and assignments; ranging from economically significant entities and SMEs to a broad range of not for profit organizations. I came across many NGO’s working in Pakistan including UN. While auditing these organizations, I was increasingly becoming aware of the miserable conditions in which the destitute and impoverished people lived in Pakistan. I have always had a heart for these underprivileged sectors of society especially the orphaned and abandoned children. I witnessed the humanitarian assistance provided by JEN to the victims of the 2005 earthquake. I also observed the aid provided by JEN at various other occasions in the form of makeshift homes, water supply, emergency support and education.

I particularly enjoyed the idea of contributing back to our society, by helping those who in some shape or form can benefit as a result. I believe a man will not take anything from this world just as he did not bring anything in to it but we have to do something for our fellow human beings. These observations and experiences and after being forced by my conscience, I decided to play an active role by becoming a part of this humanitarian work support. I therefore joined JEN as Finance and Accounts Assistant. It makes me feel proud to be associated with JEN. I want to work altruistically to help others in a less privileged state than me and to find ways for myself to grow as a competent professional.


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