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School Building shortage

There is a big shortage in the buildings numbers against the schools numbers in Iraq’s governorates.

If we take one of the governorate such as Babil province,  the schools Number is 1280 schools but the buildings number is 830 , which means that most of the buildings have more than one schools. In the other governorate like Kirkuk many of buildings have three schools and some building have five schools like Al Mujahidin school. Some areas in Kirkuk have only one building for the primary and no buildings for the intermediate and secondary school for girls. Therefore, they use caravans which have very short age comparing with the buildings. These schools use caravans which have a small classroom and are able to contain 50-60 students. There are 469 schools in Iraq like this style.

The capital governorate Baghdad announced that 4000 buildings are needed in Iraq, and the directorate of Baghdad governorate said that 500 caravans will be provided as a temporary solution.

[Intermediate school for girls  (using caravan as the classroom)]

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July 17, 2014 in Iraq |