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Refugees in Iraq

We can describe the Iraqi refugees from ( Al Anbar , Nainawa , Diyala , Salah Al Din ) as an afflictive state . from Al Anbar about 300 thousand refugees  (number at recently) they  left them cities to Kurdistan or other cities like Samarraa  from January when the war start till now .   

In the other three Governorates the war start in June 2014  and when it start about 325 thousand refugees moves from Al Mousil and Tallaafar , from Al Mousil they was going to Kurdistan special Duhok and Arbil  and from Tallaafar they was going to Kurdistan & Sinjar which is a poor city and do not care additional people (limited food & electricity) .

The refugees from Salah Al Din about 70% from the people was going to the north of the governorate special Kurdistan, and about 50% from the people of Al Seniya (near Begi) , Also 50% from people of Begi was going to the suburb of the city and other to Kurdistan , About 50% from the cities of Diyala was moving to other cities which have more safety and no war .

The government of Baghdad and the Kurdistan government are trying to support for the refugees, but their funding amount is limited. The refugees are still suffering to secure the foods and the marquees.  After 10days-2weeks since the refugees started to move from Nainawa (Al Mousil & Tallaafar), the UNHCR started to prepare to them the marquees and the water tanks in Duhok and Arbil. The UNHCR or other human organization can giving the accessories to the refugees only in the safety places like Kurdistan but they do not come to the Refugees in Diyala or the suburb of Salah Al Din , in this unsafely places the Refugees only wait the accessories from the migratories ministry which not enough for the refugees.


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