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5th "Handicrafts market, Hands-on exhibit in Ishinomaki" Takes Place!

On July 12, the fifth "Handicraft market, Hands-on exhibit in Ishinomaki: Making Handcrafting into Jobs", an event aimed at giving a leg up to women who do handicrafts in Ishinomaki, was held at the central office of Japan Agricultural Cooperatives in Ishinomaki, Nakazato Agricultural Cooperative Hall (the fourth on February 8, the third on December 14; for more information on the third event is available here).

The event has become so popular that it marked its fifth kickoff on the day, attracting a lot of visitors from immediately after its kickoff.

Marking its fifth kickoff on the day, the event has become completely popular. The day’s event was crowded with a lot of visitors immediately after its opening.

【The event site was filled with many visitors.♪】

“I like the warmth of handmade goods.”
“Each time, I’m excited about this event.”
“My hobby is making goods by hand, so this event is a fine excitement.”
“I want to have my own store someday.”
“Carefully guided by event staff members, I enjoyed the experience of making goods.”
The visitors seemed to have enjoyed the event in their own way.

【Communicating with visitors is important.♪】

【The hands-on experience of weaving was popular.♪】

The event’s participants and JEN staff members have a monthly meeting. In the latest meeting, many ideas were given by the participants; how to reflect them to the event were discussed such as deciding on making “summer festival” the event’s central theme, on what physical arrangement of the event site to be created, on how to hold a lottery and so on.

The participants also had actively worked on making a public announcement about the event such as handing out leaflets.

【They talked seriously about the event at the meeting.】

In doing so, JEN is aiming to build up a cooperative system among the participants and for the participants to continue the event voluntarily.

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