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Yet another Huge Displacement

North Waziristan Agency (FATA) is a mountainous region of northeast Pakistan. It borders Afghanistan and has an area of 11,585 square kilometers. Total population of North Waziristan Agency is 361,246 individuals according to 1998 censes by Government of Pakistan.

Government of Pakistan has recently started military operation against militants in North Waziristan Agency. Approximately 100,000 individuals are displaced from their hometowns to different settled areas of KP. Majority of the displaced people are migrated to district Bannu in KP.

This time there is no proper registration mechanism in place for the displaced people by UN Agencies as the government has not appealed to International donor community. Government is doing registration of the displaced people by its own on several exit points from North Waziristan Agency. Children are being vaccinated against polio at registration points.

Government has established 2 Camps in the areas of Bakka khel and Kashoo bridge in district Bannu to settle in the displaced people. But the displaced people are not willing to live in Camp due to fear of insecurity and cultural sensitivities. The expected total population to be displaced is some 10,000 families, potentially with an average family size of 13.5. Approximately 200,000 individuals are envisaged to be displaced in overall.

According to government planning, every displaced family will receive cash assistance of Rs. 7,000/- for their food needs, together with a one-time payment of Rs. 5000/- for NFIs to meet their living expenses, plus a one-time Ramadan package.  Government plans for the military to support distribution of cash assistance to the displaced population in the interim, while bank accounts, ATM cards/ SIM Cards are being processed.

Displaced populations are currently not receiving any humanitarian assistance and as such, are using their own resources and/or are staying with relatives in the areas of displacement. Access remains the greatest challenge in areas of displacement and the authorities have been informed to improve humanitarian space.

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June 26, 2014 in Pakistan |