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Oddusuddan Divisional Secretary in Mullaitivu District

I explain one of our project sites this year, Oddusuddan Divisional Secretary (DS) in Mullaitivu District.

[Oddusuddan from Northern map]

[Oddusuddan from Mullaitivu map]

Oddusuddan is an area that people started to return on 2010 after the war on 2009. Because Oddusuddan is most affected area by the war in Mullaitivu District, the support is still insufficient. Actually, almost of residence has lived in their shelter.

[Returness shelter in Oddusuddan]


80 % of people at the area earn their living by agriculture. But since the water is relied on the rain, during dry season they have to do daily labor work to earn the money. So their income average is LKR 1,500 under poverty line LKR 3,774 defined by Srilankan government at the point of August 2013. It’s called 25 % of household in the area is woman headed family.

Only 10 % of household have a well. To get drinking water, people use common wells and they can’t use the large quantity of the water for their agriculture. Additionally, some wells are broken or dried up. The water shortage is serious problem in the area.

[Dried well in Oddusuddan]

We believe the construction of agro wells contribute not only the increase of their income, but also reduction of the scramble to get drinking water from the common well.

Administration & Finance Officer 
Tomoo Nasuda

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