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Monitoring report on the aid distributed to IDPs in Kenyi Payam


In Limbe Boma at the house of Poni an IDP displaced during the 15th December Conflict in Juba, have received the aid items from JEN, and she appreciated JEN for donating the necessary items as in the house the important things is to have a water storage as the bucket and the cooking utensil help her a lot as they ran from Juba out carrying a single. She stated that after the distribution, JEN also gave them hygiene education that is why all the utensils are kept clean and on the dish rack. The basin is bearing JEN logo because she managed her thing very careful.

Laku from Kenyi Boma have received the aid items from JEN. He stated that after the items were  given  immediately, he used them all as JEN can witness the mosquito is erected up to prevent him from mosquito bite as well as malaria, and the jerry can for stoarge of safe  drinking water  is also next to the bed. The cooking utensil are been used by his sister  to cook for him as he is single.


On 2/05/2014 in Limbe Boma, Jackline an IDP whose hushand is a soldier and deployed in the conflict zone of Bor  have received the aid items. During the monitoring, we witness that the cooking utensil been in used and kept clean on a dish rach. As in the picture above, you can see the cup, soupens, and plates donated  are used, and as a result of the hygiene education most of households are maintained the hygiene of the items.


In the house of Keji an IDP in Loka boma received the aid items, and she  shown us the items in side her room where she kept the bucket with a drinking water and the jerry can for fetching water is next to it together with the cooking untensils as it is the way how they arrange or keep the items in the house.As a result of the hygiene promotion received from JEN, it helps her to keep the utensil clean and store in a good place.


In Loka Boma in the house of Angelina, the team experienced the usage of the bucket been kept for stoarge of maize four  in side the house. She stated that the white bucket is for drinking water and the red bucket for the maize flour base on her arrangements. In the above picture, the bamboo with a mosquito net been erected on the bed. She thanks JEN  for the support they rendered to them.


A displaced student from Juba by name Kaku received the aid items from JEN. The team experienced her  using the donated basin for washing  clothes, and the jerry can on her left hand for  fetching water. She said the items help her a lot.

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