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JEN-Afghanistan Team: Hand in hand to Support Landslide Affected Families of Aab Barek Village in Badakhshan

After a catastrophe in Argo district of Badakhshan province,  a massive landslide flowed downward into the valley and buried houses of Aab Barek villagers.

JEN-Afghanistan team distributed hygiene kits, soap, fuel and milk powder with a baby bottle to the sufferers who experienced the land slide.

During the emergency kits distribution, there were children who sat near the NFI materials which were being distributed by other organizations. When I asked them what they were doing, they told me that they were waiting for their parents to receive those materials, pointing out to emergency kits by JEN team. Two of these children, a girl named Mariam and a boy named Tahir, were absorbed in writing something on a piece of paper.
I interviewed Mariam about the landslide of her village and the distribution by JEN. She told us she was attending the wedding party with her family when the landslide occurred.   Suddenly she heard a loud noise and voices of villagers so she and others went outside. When she looked in the direction of her house, she was at a loss for words because of the shocking and horrible sight—her house was destroyed and completely covered by the soil.

She said that she really needed her house and school rebuilt because she loves to go school, and that she appreciated JEN and Japanese people who supported her and her village in this needy time.

Next, I asked Tahir what he was doing. He smiled and told us that he was writing numbers on the paper.
It was really incredible to see those children who were busy writing in the crowd of people receiving relief supplies. It seemed that children of Aab Barek village love to go to school and study hard to have a bright future.

Hameedullah “Hamid”
Senior Field Officer

[View of land slide area and tents of affected families in Aab Barek village.]

[A beneficiary of RKK emergency kits after distribution]

[Mariam while interviewing with JEN’s Senior Field Officer.]

写真④.[Tahir while interviewing with JEN’s Senior Field Officer.]

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June 12, 2014 in Afghanistan |