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Introduction of our new staff

I'm Makiko Hori who started to work here in Islamabad from May 28,
and am in charge of general affairs and accounting.
I was a little worried about the security in Pakistan because I heard a lot
of news about suicide bombing and air raids when I was in Japan.
Though the security is getting worse recently, I still see the children 
playing crickets in the fields and mountains are there nearby where we can
enjoy trekking.
Islamabad is a beautiful city with lots of green and with clean streets and


Although my work and life are still to be organized more, a month has
already passed so quickly with the help of our kind and humorous staff.
Now I'm working with our staff from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province,
which means we live together eating Pakistani foods and feeling the local
This way I feel I can be closer to the residents in the project sites
where I can't visit due to security issues regretfully.
Recently the number of refugees are increasing again in North Waziristan due to clean-up operations by Pakistan army.
In Afghanistan we have never seen any signs of improving the security.
I'm going to work for the refugees here in Islamabad for them to get back
their normal lives hoping peace may come back again to both countries.

Afghanistan/Pakistan program
General Affairs and Accounting Staff
Makiko Hori

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