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Booklet of hygiene for primary school students (story)

Things that development any work to reach the goals set for it is innovation in the working style…we have become accustomed always after the end of each project to efficiently evaluate our work and we are planning to the best in the future.

Today we are working in cooperation with the ministerial committee in the Iraqi Ministry of Education for preparing a short story in the form of cartoon about the importance of hygiene for primary school students. The story contains sequence of events through a set of instructions and tips on hygiene in general and raises health and environmental awareness among students and through them to their families.

We adopted a simple style in the conversation as well as the simple drawings and colorful which attracts the attention of the student. And, we have added to it some exercises to help the student to learn the correct instructions and confirmation on it. The booklet is encouraged students to listen to their teacher when they explain about the importance of hygiene.

We have had several meetings to review all aspects of the story to be an interesting guidance material for students. We depended on professional’s painter and designer in their job.


JEN Bagdad office
Program Officer
Bassim Yousif

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June 5, 2014 in Iraq |