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We are there Again: A Timely Response from JEN!in Badakhshan

On 3rd may 2014 Badakhshan province was hit by flood and landslides. Floods and landslides affected 97 districts throughout Afghanistan. According to UN due to the floods and landslides 675 people were killed in the country. The biggest tragedy occurred in District Argo, where 503 people were killed in one landslide incident. The magnitude of the incident was so huge that it needs urgent response from humanitarian community.


JEN is working in Afghanistan since 2001. JEN is always there to support the needy and affected people of Afghanistan. Soon after the disaster,  JEN sent its field team to the affected Argo district to identify the immediate needs of the people. Before starting assessment JEN coordinated with UN and other agencies to identify the immediate needs in the area. Then our field team visited the area for assessment and verified the immediate and urgent needs of the people. Based on our own assessment and suggestion from UN, JEN team find out that people need "material" badly. Hygiene was also another burning issue in the target area. As most of the organizations focused on shelter etc, JEN decided to concentrate on the goods distribution. After assessing their needs, 850 beneficiaries were selected in Aab Barek (Affected village) by the help of NSP (National Solidarity Programme).

The list was also approved by DRRD (Directorate of Rural Rehabilitation and Development). After consultation JEN procure 12 items which include hygiene kits, feeder, powder milk, hand wash soap, Jerry Can etc. Feeder and powder milk was much appreciated by the community. According to the community there are lots of infants who lost their mothers and we are much worried how to feed them. The items for infants mean a life for these children. Hygiene kits were distributed to the people to help them in their daily hygiene practices. Distribution was conducted to the people on 14th of May.



Apart from that, JEN is now in the further process of second assessment for the affected community in Argo district and Badakhshan.

Hanief Khan
Senior Programme Assistant
JEN Islamabad Office

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