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Visit Amman JEN office

We who are three employees of JEN in Baghdad office visited Amman JEN office during April for few days.


Our visit program includes several meetings with our officials in Amman to discuss the work of the current project and the preparation and planning for the upcoming projects and the exchange of views about this. As well as our visit program included meeting between every one of us with our counterparts employees in Amman office for the exchange of experiences between us. (The Amman Office is also the base for the activities in Iraq.)

Amman office has prepared us a visit to Syrian refugee camp in Amman (Zatree Camp). We had spent a full day at the camp, and we have seen the activities of JEN and other organizations within the camp. Then we visited the schools inside the camp and meeting with the headmasters of these schools to discuss with them about the problems they face especially in the field of hygiene and maintenance of health facilities.
As well as we met some of the families, where the staff of the organization who are in the camp saw us how the meeting with families and guide them to maintain cleanliness and raise their awareness of health to avoid infectious diseases.
As well as we visited stations of water storage inside the camp and we saw the processing of families with water.

In fact it was a successful visit to us and greatly benefited, and we have gained additional experience in our work.

Bassim Yousif

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