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Spring season and the rebirth of nature and going to school

Spring is the first season of the solar year, and every year the first day of the New Year is called to be celebrated in Afghanistan and the days of the ancient past of this land for our heritage has been and a day across the country to celebrate this day is a public holiday

Beside of that the second day as the first day of the New Year is a public holiday and called it farmer day and schools in some provinces, including Kabul, Afghanistan
In this resolve in all areas including green trees and flowers are alive with many different colors and a green environment, and Fruit trees are in the season of the year and one can see the beautiful green setting of trees.


All school students go to schools from grades one to twelve, beside of this in the beginning of the year a large number of children who are 7 years of age to go to school, The children are enrolled in school by their families and have no information about the school and the teachers always have something new for them, and children are encouraged by their families to go to school, And this year there is a large number of boys and girls enrolled in schools that same year, their number may be higher than the millions around the country.


But the only problem is the lack of security and peace for the children of their children trying to be a bright future for the people serving literate generation for the future on their

Prepared by A.Fahim

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May 15, 2014 in Afghanistan |