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Need Survey

As far as JEN concerned, the need survey has been certified as a major part of the NGO policy, and is the first step of JEN's projects.
Need survey is considered as one of the basic tools of knowledge and is also used in pointing out the weakness of a case study specifically in larger communities, such as schools, health centers ...etc.

Such as schools and health centers rehabilitation, through in the site visits, JEN has taken the responsibility into establishing a database to ensure the health conditions for the all the sites. The survey may have a direct impact on the institutional and personal cleanliness through giving instructions that may help the individuals into keeping their personal health safe through creating better environment.



Taken school students as an example, they suffer a lot, specially the younger ones in crowded schools where there is a leak in providing enough health and educational support. Thus, Need survey helps to find the roots of the problems and the methods of solving these problems. It is the way of that guarantees positive results, for all those whom are involved, specially the beneficiaries (especially the students in this case), the addressing those whom may have been concerned.

JEN follows two sorts of surveys. The first one is Need survey, as previously indicated. The feature of Need survey is done in the phase of pre-rehabilitation through involving beneficiaries in a wide assessment. It happens though asking question to be able to estimate the health environment of the individuals via taking samples of the beneficiaries in order to be able to have a telling picture.
The second type is Monitoring survey. The survey is done after the school is rehabilitated. The right training is provided to the teams which conduct the monitoring survey. Therefore, the teams will take care of the real outcome of the project.
JEN takes advantage of information from those surveys in order to promote effective projects along with the local needs.

Asmaa Amer  (JEN Local Staff as the Hygiene trainer)

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