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Interview to a cooperative society member in North

Mrs M.Selvarani in Barathi puram village in Visuvamadu East GN division has seven children. Now she is living with her 6 family members in recently constructed Indian house. Her daughter died & son missed during the war time.  In 2009 during the displaced time she lost all her properties. She was a famous farmer before she displaced in her village. She used to include latest techniques & using organic compost in her agricultural work and had been gained more profit in her work.

After 2010 she returned she land she received only a tent as shelter. She had struggled to set the tent as alone & she faced economy problems. Her husband had mentally & physically upset to start earlier life. So, she was unable to do odd jobs. So Mrs M.Selvarani pulled to restart her livelihood.

That time JEN entered to her life. JEN has helped to her to meet expected needs. So she restarted earlier joy fully life. JEN formed cooperative society. And she interested to joint this society. Now she is member of cooperative society. Now she is enjoying to product organic compost & makes a good relationship between the village people. Her dream is build up healthy next generation. She hopes that her village will be clean, because the cooperative society will collect the garbage from villagers to product compost. She hopes income from CMY will help to improve her village economy and manage disaster situation.

[Collecting the material]

[operating multichopper to make the compost]

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

May 8, 2014 in Sri Lanka |