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Crossing the “River Indus”, a Fairy Tale Journey

The newly established 25th District of Khyber Pukhtoonkhwah “Tor Ghar (The Black Mountain) was visited for assessing the needs of the people. It’s a mountainous region covering area of 454 Sq Km with a population of 300,000.

During the visit an amazing journey took place. The area is divided into two parts by River Indus and there are boats which are the means of transportation from crossing to other side and approaching markets. The people usually travel via boat as it takes less time to reach other destinations.  From one side by jeep we travelled for 55 minutes to reach the assessing area, while returning via boat took only 15 minutes.  The biggest Dam of Pakistan called Tarbela Dam is situated very near to Tor Ghar on Indus River.


Viewing the river from above seemed that it’s a calm and steady water flow. However when the journey is started it took us by surprise. In the middle of Indus the water was coming with enormous speed and the up and down flow made we appalled. The person who was driving the boat ensured us that he had the control and there is no need to be afraid. After crossing the middle deeper part the water became steady and the journey was then became pleasant.

The Indus is covered from both sides by the mountains and it seemed that we are characters of a fairy tale going on a mysterious journey with panic and serene times. It was a unique experience of crossing the river Indus in Tor Ghar.


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May 15, 2014 in Pakistan |