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Afghanistan historical elections

At last the moment has arrived in Afghanistan when the people are selecting their government by their own choice in a transparent way. Many observers call the current ongoing elections as a historic event in the history of Afghanistan. The country which is going through the difficult time from many decades has shown to the world that they are peaceful and they believe on democracy.

According to news sources almost 60% voters have casted their votes. The total turnout from the election is 7 million out of 12 million.

JEN staffs also participated in voting. There was a security risk all over Afghanistan during the election period but according to some JEN staffs; it was their moral duty to cast their vote for the better future of their country. They are expecting whoever becomes the next president of Afghanistan, he should address the basic needs of Afghan people. He should lead the country by making an example to the world that Afghanistan and the people of Afghanistan can stand on their feet by themselves. The people of Afghanistan want peace, which will make them able to become prosperous like the other developed countries.

The result of 1st round of election will be announced on April 26th and 2nd round on May 14th. 

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May 1, 2014 in Afghanistan |