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Urgent Assistance for Internally Displaced People in Kenyi District (Payam) of Lainy County ①

The 440 households of internally displaced people currently live with their host families in Lainya County, a four hours drive from Juba.

JEN has started a project that provides urgently-needed relief supplies and conducts hygiene instruction for those 440 households who were forced to live as refugees.

In particular, we distribute water sanitation supplies such as polyethylene containers to draw water, water cleaning agents, and soap. Plastic sheets for shelter and daily necessaries are also provided.

Before transporting and distributing the supplies, JEN staff first procure urgently-needed goods and check the amount and quality. After this first step, the next step is putting JEN and Japan Platform (JPF), a support member of this project, logo stickers on those goods to be distributed.

The pictures below show what JEN is doing to assist the refugees.   

[Putting JEN and JPF logo stickers on urgently-needed goods before delivering]

[Urgently-needed goods covered by the plastic sheets with sticker]

[Waiting to be delivered]

[Inside the truck]

The goods in the pictures will be distributed to the 440 households of internally-displaced people in Kenyi District (Payam) of Lainya County.

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

April 3, 2014 in South Sudan |