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Urgent Assistance for Internally Displaced People in Kenyi District(Payam) of Lainya County ③

Currently, JEN South Sudan is providing emergency relief in Kenyi District of Lainya County in Central Equatoria. In this article, we would like to introduce our activities with some pictures , this time with a focus on how we distributed emergency relief supplies in Kenyi District subsequently to the article released on April 10 .

(Before distribution)

Support goods, safety delivered to the Limbe community, were unloaded from the truck and then sorted by items, we re-checked their conditions and amount considering that they were carried through rugged roads.



Households of internally displaced people gathered to the distribution point and handed in their coupon sent by JEN in advance to the community distribution members, and were in turn able to receive supplies such as mosquito nets, plastic sheets, rope, polyethylene containers, buckets, water cleaning agents, basins, soap, nail clipper, kitchen supplies, and kitchen oil.

(After distribution)


They brought those goods back to their families. Women in South Sudan can easily carry big, heavy items by putting them on their heads.

(Staff engaged in distribution and their members)

The men wearing dark red polo-shirts with JEN’s logo are the local distribution members we introduced previously. The man on the far left is Robert, a JEN project officer. He has experience providing emergency support in a European NGO and is a specialist in public health. The woman taking this picture is Margaret, the JEN community mobilizer we introduced previously as well.

This project has been operated and supported by JEN’s supporters and Japan Platform (JPF).

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

April 24, 2014 in South Sudan |