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Urgent Assistance for Internally Displaced People in Kenyi District (Payam) of Lainya County ②

Currently, JEN South Sudan is offering emergency relief in Kenyi District of Lainya County in Central Equatoria.  In this article, we would like to introduce our activities in Kenyi District with some pictures, continuing where we left off from the article released on April 3.
Kenyi District is divided in three areas and there are 440 households of internally displaced people in all areas. We distribute water sanitation supplies such as polyethylene containers to draw water, water cleaning agents, and soap. Plastic sheets for shelter and daily necessaries are also provided.
In our previous article, we introduced a process of procuring relief supplies, putting logos on each item and the delivery. In this article, we would like to introduce our sorting process of relief supplies.

[Sorting process in front of the warehouse]

Relief supplies carried by the truck passed the pivotal check points by the army, and few hours later we finally arrived at Kenyi District.
The first day of our arrival, we stored the supplies in warehouses in two areas, and headed to the third area without warehouses supervised by the administration. We could not store the supplies in third area, so we started distribution on the day of our arrival.
We carefully checked the amount and conditions of supplies which were stored in the warehouse before distribution.

(The pictures below show the sorting of buckets sand basins to be distributed to internally displaced people)

[Staff engaged in sorting and their members]

In the picture above, the woman on the far left wearing a red hat is a JEN community mobilizer who promotes activities and encourages people in the area.
  The men wearing dark red polo-shirts are local distribution members chosen by the village leader and elders, and they cooperated closely with us in sorting and distributing the goods.

[Finished sorting process]

All of the polyethylene containers, water cleaning agents, soap, basins, plastic sheets and rope were sorted for each household and finally the preparation was completed.
This project has been operated and supported by JEN’s supporters and Japan Platform (JPF).

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

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