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Iraqi elections

The approach of parliamentary elections in 04/30/2014 will result the new parliament and the new government, who will govern the country for four years.

In Iraq, Series of elections occurred after 2003, the first was in January 30, 2005. It was the first National Assembly election and Iraqis voted for a 275-member. The second was in October 15, 2005. It was a voting on the new Iraqi draft constitution. And the third was in December 15, 2005 which was to choose a 275-member of Iraqi parliament under the new Iraqi constitution. The latest was in March 7, 2010 for the selection of the current parliament and government. In addition, there were the provincial elections for several times.

Upcoming the election’s day, the streets of the capital Baghdad and the provinces are filled with pictures of candidates for the election. And now, Baghdad city has fully election campaigns.


Recently, the propaganda campaign of the candidates began to win the voice of Iraqi voters. The parties develop the election campaigns with varied form according to the financial possibilities and powerful link.

The most amusing propaganda campaign for this session where the candidates put their propaganda posters on food… also some politicians has to provide free meals to the poor entitled such as "The Gift of Dr. ..." and "The Gift of Mr. ..."  etc. The party wins the votes of the hungry and the needy.

And another candidate mentioned in the poster that he candidate to gain a seat in Parliament by order of the Prophet Muhammad, making an appeal to voters.


The propaganda campaign will continue till before the date of elections by one day.

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