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Interview to a cooperative society member in East

It gives me more pleasure to sit here in front the compost making yard. Frankly saying, this building is an asset to our whole region. To my knowledge this is the first building for ever after we return to the village.

Since we return after war, we made several attempts to link many Organizations, Government sector to receive assistance to restart our livelihood. But, all went futile.

By being a traditional farmer, I follow Sky, Earth, Clouds and the God. My goal is harvest whatever it is. It can be from vegetable production, other sources as I do not depend on only vegetable cultivation due to less rainfall as a result of climate change which has become worsen. But I do not give up hope look for solutions and better prepared. If we are prepared we can meet any challenge. As the clouds prevent give us rainfall we cannot prepare our lands which are getting dried.

But, after JEN provide water to us we become able to do prepare our lands and do vegetable cultivation.  To respect JEN Organization, I consider this year as “JEN’s year”. I maintain a garden namely JEN’s vegetable garden.

On the other hand, the compost making yard is another Income source for us. Through this we can generate income by way of making compost and sell them. The compost making yard is also an alternative source to find income. 

Through the Cooperative society we expect to employ 2-3 persons as permanent worker’s to operate the compost making yard whereas other villagers (beneficiaries) will support us and also get compost without chemical. The people could get chemical free vegetable thereby they could have nutritious vegetable for their living through which they could lead a happy life with joy and peace which is our hope. 

Thank you JEN and the People of Japan..


【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

April 24, 2014 in Sri Lanka |