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Importance of girls’ education

Education is very important for every child whether boy or girl. The challenge of promoting girls education is very tough. The first challenge for girls' education in Afghanistan is cultural barriers.

Cultural barriers include restriction from parents to attend classes with male students, family pressure for early marriage and violence/harassment against girls etc. Other main problems which hinder the girls’ education include Poverty, Lack of school buildings, Lack of basic facilities in the existing schools, increasing attacks on schools and Lack of female teachers. Special measures such as incentives packages are essential to bring more girls to school. With a secure and protective environment at the schools, the enrollment of rural afghan girls can be increased many fold.

There are lots of advantages with girls’ education.The most important are future educated generation, Decrease infant mortality, Decrease maternal mortality, Decrease child marriage, Improve socio economic growth and so on. Keeping in mind the importance of girls’education, JEN also pay special focus on the girls’ education. Till now JEN constructed and rehabilitated many schools in Parwan, Afghanistan.

During the previous year JEN constructed 14 schools, funded by JPF, in District Surkhe Parsa and Ghorband. These 14 schools include 5 girls’ schools. For instance, JEN constructed boundary wall in Hazrat Zainab lolanj girls’ school, to provide more protection and privacy to the girls’ students. So they may be able to continue their education with ease and comfort.

[Boundary wall was constructed in Hazrat Zainab Girls school in Surkh Parsa]

This year JEN has construction activities in 5 schools in District Surkhe Parsa and Sheikh Ali which include 3 girls’ schools. To contribute to improve the education ratio in Afghanistan, JEN is not only constructing and rehabilitating girl schools, but it also carries out other programmes to improve the education in Parwan province. JEN distributes hygiene kits to the children and taught them basic hygiene education at schools. Although these JEN’s programmes are not girls specific but it covers a lot of girls schools and thus contributing in promoting girls education.

[A new 6 classrooms building were constructed in AliKhani Girls Middle School in Surhi Parsa]

[Girls students  shows how to wash hands in HE monitoring in Hazrat Zainab Lolanj Girls High School in Surkhe Parsa]

Hanief Khan
Senior Programme Assistant
JEN Islamabad Office

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