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Wisdom of beneficiaries

After the completion of construction of well, JEN distributes a water pump and hoses to Well Maintenance Community formed by the beneficiaries sharing the well.

On December 2013, I went to check the usage of the wells.
But, in fact, almost of beneficiaries didn’t use the distributed pump.
The beneficiary said “We don’t need the huge quantity of water provided by the pump during the rainy season because we can’t get enough quantity of water to grow vegetables from the rain. After the rainy season, we are going to use it. ”
Instead of using the water pump, they install a pulley themselves and use it to get the insufficient quantity. Through the pulley, they save the money for fuel to operate the pump. The pulley is handmade and made it of a gear from an electric meter and a bike.


I appreciate to see such idea implemented by them, based on the support from JEN.
Additionally, another beneficiary sharing the well also installed the pulley same as the neighbor.
I could see they imitate good ideas themselves positively.


Like this situation, we hope they rehabilitate their confidence among neighborhood and it spread to whole village and region.

Administration & Finance Officer Tomoo Nasuda

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March 27, 2014 in Sri Lanka |