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Winter sign Kabul city capital of Afghanistan


Winter in Kabul city is a tough season. Usually these cold days starts around 20th December, to 20th March, and sometimes the climate continues longer. Kabul city has heavy snow and raining, and those who live in Kabul city makes winter like fire wood for stove to make warm their home.

Every year in the beginning of fall season, people try to purchase fire wood before the winter season, but on that time the fire wood cost inexpensive. The cost of fire wood increasing because of in Kabul city there is no other facility such as full time city power, gas, so people should use from this kind of facility as their main utility.

In winter season, people also try to buy warm clothes and shoes. The big problem is transportation especially in the morning time, because of all streets will be covered by ice and vehicles cannot move fast or normally. People have to wait for long time in the vehicles, and difficult to move on time.


Before this season, students have final exams in their school. All schools are closed and students are in at home for 3 months. This is a chance for them to follow courses.

During the winter time teachers are going to school but not every day, only once a week. This is a free time for teacher, and some teacher will provide work and some teacher will attend to workshop for improving their capabilities. Teachers are training these kinds of workshops, and trainings are always made by government and NGOs.

Now a days a huge snow fall in Afghanistan as claimate changes occur.


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