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Using my experience



My name is Kibo Dominic James, JENs New staff based in yei.


I worked as a driver before with JEN then promoted to the position of Logistics/Administrative assistant.


Am happy to work as logistics/Admin because this has been the post I was holding before joining JEN in August 2013. And am happy because I also worked for Ibis south Sudan program as Logistics Assistant and I hope I will also be able share the experience that I had before with the administration group.


Am so happy that JEN is working in south Sudan particularly in my home town yei.


And now that JEN is implementing WASH project both in schools and in communities I hope this will help most students to practice good hygiene and sanitation practices. And while in the communities the village transformation programme will help most of the community members to practice good hygiene and sanitation practice by using the pit latrine, the rubbish pit for dumping rubbish etc.


And as a support staff I will sure that I support the staffs in program to accomplish their activities successfully and to share ideas with the program team to ensure that work runs on smoothly.




By Kibo Dominic James







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