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Three years after 3/11

On March 11, 2014, a chilly day with high winds and occasional snowstorm just like three years ago, as this year marks the third year since the Tohoku disaster, memorial ceremonies were held at several locations in the city of Ishinomaki. Kadonowaki-town’s “Maneki Community”, a residents' association set up after the disaster, staged a lantern vigil.

【Lanterns and an alter were set up.】

Made victims were 130 people who had lived in 2-4 chome, Kadonowaki town where “Maneki Commuinity” was organized.
Almost all of the houses in the town were swept away by the tsunami, and that led the local authorities to do land plotting again in order to develop a new town; currently twenty-three households remain in the town waiting for the plotting to be over.
It was some eighty people including not only those living in the town but also those taking shelter in other places who came to join the ceremony on that day. They prayed for those who died, the ceremony providing a good opportunity for them to meet and hear from their old friends and neighbors after a long time.

【Those who attended the ceremony gave prayers to over 400 fatalities including those from adjacent Minamihama town.】

【Remembering former neighbors, they were filling in their neighbors’ names on a handmade map.】

【Lighted lanterns popped up in the darkness.】

The design for lanterns was created by Mr. Toyokazu Abe who lives in the town. He says that the lanterns represent the combination of a cirque, a jewelry Buddha wears, and soul in the shape of heart.

【Lantern vigil was also held in the neighboring Minamihama town, many people visiting the site.】

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