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Life standard of IDP,s in Pakistan

The recent air strikes cause of more than 23,061 families displacements in FATA. The existing caseload in kohat is 27,700. These IDP are living in rental houses.  Most of the families have very low monthly income Approx 5,000 PKR/Month.  In current situation their Common occupation is laboring.  UN and other humanitarian actor are providing food package on the monthly basis.

During Rapid Assessment Mr Aqal Baz permanent resident of Orakzai Agency currently leaving in Jarma Kohat told JEN staff that “I receive my monthly food package from an organization’s warehouse. This package cannot return me what I lost; my little children are surfing from last five years. They are growing like refugees. Our family structure is broken. The norms and Pakhtoon (tribal) values are demolished. So who will bring me back my prosperity? How could I rectify all that? We want to go back our home but can’t. How long we will stay over here, we don’t know”



The question raised by Aqal Baz is genuine. His words are representing all other IDPs.  All Stakeholders need to think about solution of this problem, unless those IDPs will remain dislocated for many years.

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March 20, 2014 in Pakistan |