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International Women's Day

The world celebrates the International Women's Day annually on 8 March, in solidarity with women for their freedom, equality, peace and social justice.

Celebration of this day dates back over 150 years, in 1857. A group of women workers in the textile factory in the U.S. formed a demonstration to protest against their bad living conditions. Even though the demonstration to demand improvement of working conditions and increase wages was suppressed by police, it bore fruit in the form of the first Women's Guild two years later. The United Nations has adopted this day as a public holiday for women in 1977.

Iraqi women celebrated the day this year as well, even though they are in difficult situations and harsh living conditions. Many events were held such as symposia and conferences to discuss and review the status of Iraqi women under the new circumstances. As one of them, there was a demonstration in Al- Mutanabi Street, which is a famous street in Baghdad. Women stepped out into the demonstration wearing black clothes to mourn and express their rejection to the notorious new Personal Status Law: “Al- Jaafari” approved by the Cabinet recently.


UN mission in Iraq voiced concern to the adoption of this law in Iraq, which is contraries to the freedom of women and strips the dignity of women. Even though Iraqi women are under this difficult situation and have to live their daily lives with patience and perseverance, the steadfast and creative Iraqi women live also with hope for surpassing all odds and defying all obstacles in order to build a better future for herself, her family and her country.


Thikra J. AL-Najar

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