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Alumni and Locals Gather to Reminisce about Their Closing Elementary School

Almost 4,000 lives including missing persons were lost in the city of Ishinomaki where the Tohoku Earthquake inflicted maximal damage.
The Ishinomaki City Second Minato Elementary School is scheduled to be closed down at the end of this month, and with this, a "reunion to share its memories" was held at Kaihoku Elementary School on March 2 where it has been temporary giving classes.
Some 400 alumni gathered and looked backed on the days they spent in the school, regretting the ending of the school's history,

Ripped through by the tsunami, the school established in 1954 has been getting by for three years on giving classes in temporary school quarters or other school's classrooms.
It has been finally decided that the school ends its 60-year-long history this spring, integrated with Minato Elementary School.

【Fife-and-drum band members performed their school song before those gathered.】

【Alumni and locals gathered in the gymnasium of Kaihoku Elementary School.】

During the gathering, the school's old days were displayed using a slideshow, and then ninety-three current students introduced its history and what it was like when the disaster struck it. At the end of the gathering, the students recited their pledge saying "We will hand down the lessons of the disaster to the next generation, and we will grow up to be adults who can support many people."

【Here is a picture of the students' presentation.】

Alumni, successive PTA associates and school principals sent a shout-out to the current students, and then everyone attending the gathering sang the school song.
The first verse of the school song goes:
"Here you can see the ocean spreading out, sparkling wave breaking;
You can hear salty blasts rustling pine groves;
Make your own ways in life hand-in-hand with your friends,
with your shoulders throwing back, with carefree footsteps;
Your are green shoots of our homeland Minato besides the green ocean;
You can hear the ocean, the Pacific is calling you."

The word "Blue Ocean" came up when the current students gave presentation on "what we are proud of our homeland Minato." The ocean has engulfed so many things, yet this doesn't mean children came to hate the ocean.

【All participants sang their school song.】

JEN is committed to helping Minato's young shoots grow up healthy in spite of the odds and be able to lead the rehabilitation of their home land Minato which has suffered heavy losses and is still under difficult conditions.

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