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The Oshika Peninsula Vitalization Project: "Come to Join Fishing Event" to Start

Since the Thohoku Great Earthquake broke out, JEN has worked on a variety of projects set in the Oshika peninsula ranging from sending volunteers to helping individuals make a living, local communities restore vitality and temporary housing society keep alive.
With these project as a base, locals has taken the initiative in starting "Come to Join Fishing Event" project that aims at addressing the problems bothering their fishery villages in the Oshika peninsula and revitalizing those slumping villages.


There are nearly thirty fishery villages on the Oshika peninsula, each of which is called whatever -"hama". Each hama has its distinctive culture, way of life and charm. Locals and outside support organizations are promoting many projects aimed at addressing challenges facing each hama to revitalize its community, and so you can see changes taking place in each hama. JEN considers it critical helping create a sustainable environment where each community can work in union towards resolving their problems there.

It's been two years since "Come to Join Fishing Event" was launched.
The locals together have worked on improving the event which creates the flow of people from outside by promoting the Oshika peninsula's attractions.

Receiving a request saying that "Our hama would like to hold such event too!", JEN has decided to expand its activities in many other hama. We are waiting for your coming the Oshika peninsula where you can experience its lots of attractions and savor tradition, culture and marine products. Everyone in each hama is anxiously waiting for your coming.


In March, following two programs are scheduled to take place. So, why not take this opportunity to reach the magic in the Oshika peninsula and have a chance to talk with the locals about the future of the region.

1. March 8-9, the Fifth Fishing Experience "Come to Join Fishing Event!": You can please your taste buds as many as five times!; You can enjoy in-season ingredients of spring with your five senses!
It is a two-day program that provides you with an opportunity to enjoy spring foods of hama---scallops, ascidia, wakame, holdfasts and oysters---at Higashi-hama and Yagawa-hama. You also can have an opportunity to exchange with the locals at a guest house "Stago-so" at Obuchi-hama.

2. March 12, "Participants to Experience Historic Shrine Festival at Kitsunezaki-hama"
You can have an opportunity to participate in carrying mikoshi, portable shrine, during Kitsunezaki-hama Fox Deity Shrine Festival which has a history of more than 400 years and takes place annually on the day of hatsuum, traditional day for worship at fox deity shrines. After making preparations in the morning, people parade along street holding mikoshi on their shoulders. At the end of the festival, naorai(feast) will develop more friendly ties between the participants and the locals.

Applications are being accepted through each website sign-up page. ♪


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