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Mysteries of Success in 2013 Projects

As you know that JEN-Afghanistan team successfully implemented 2013 project, it was not just implementation but it was a lessons learning and experience period for all JEN’s staff.

After coordination with DoEs and Government officials JEN need to have a need assessment survey to know about community needs (WASH & Non WASH of schools), after projects approval and informing DoEs, we (Engineering + Field Officers) are going to have a site visit in targeted areas and having a long discussion with SMC Head of school, teachers and    Community leaders. In this session we give them information regarding JEN vision, mission and goals/ objectives of the program (WASH+ Non WASH of Schools), and we are giving them orientation of the program, high community contribution, introducing of construction companies, responsibilities and information sharing.


In the end of this session we, Community, School administration and DoE responsible becoming a committee (Establishment of SMC) and signing tripartite agreement.
During implementation we have a daily monitoring, weekly meetings with contractors, (discussion of progress of work, quality and quantity of construction according specification of MoE), Risk management, and Weekly reports, Progress of work, supervision and evaluation.

As our operation areas were critical and complicated, we had strong coordination with community, stake holders and directorate of education (DoEs) that’s why JEN able to implement these projects.

Under a strong management Inner in our team we had best cooperation with each other, every individual do their own responsibilities, work hard and implement the project according to plan.

As JEN have transparency in program and community direct and indirect beneficiaries appreciated JEN’s high quality of construction work.
The success of our construction projects was achievement of all JEN-Afghanistan team (Engineering unit, HE team, AIMO, Admin/Finance unit, HQ in Tokyo/ISB team) who struggle and work hard, cooperated well with each others, high inspiration and motivation to achieve goals and help all vulnerable Afghan people in the target to have a bright future for them

Above all were the mysteries that why we able to have successfully implement construction projects in targeted complicated and crucial areas of Ghorband Valley.


Prepared by Eng.Shir Ali
JEN Afghanistan Chief Engineer of WASH Programe.

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