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Interview to beneficiary in East(PART4)

I am permanent resident in the village. There are no roads to this village. From the main road we reach our village by walking about 3 Km. This is the situation for many decades. We have lands which is the only asset for us. There are no brick made houses, common buildings, school, Devotional places, Wells. All the people live in temporary shelters.

My husband is the breadwinner. He is working as labor by visiting place to place and earning a livelihood. Many times we faced war and repeated losses incurred. No protection from wild animals. Our moving outside is limited due to fear from wild Elephants. Though the dangerous war is over we are not living peacefully due to lack of facilities. My husband very hardly earn during the day time has to protect us from wild animals, so he cannot sleep in the night instead watching. He is getting sick because of this.

JEN agro well is an only structure we have seen after many years. Now, we are provided with water facility so we can engage in agriculture work and start a livelihood on our own. My husband need not go for labor work. We are happy to see a big well which we have never seen before. I am planning to organize a Farm and grow many variety of vegetable and increase vegetable production. If my plan become successful and could save some money I will buy a vehicle for the purpose of movable vegetable selling.


【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

February 13, 2014 in Sri Lanka |