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Interview to beneficiary in East(PART5)

I was born and bred at this village called “Komparakarachchi“ in Thirukkovil. I have a wife and one daughter. We were affected during the war and displaced, lived with relatives. Indeed, we were not resettled but forcibly returned to our village in 2011 and settled down on own wish. No basic facilities were provided to us. No safe houses, no water, no income and hence we had no hope to organize our life. Every year, for 4-5 months we migrate to other places to find livelihood. This is as a result of no income source due to dry weather.

The longstanding water requirement was achieved by us because of JEN’s intervention gave us happiness. To see always good water level in the well is also make us very happiness. Before, construction of this well, whether dry or rainy season we had to walk about 2 Km to collect water for domestic purpose. Now we have JEN well in our close proximity is highly benefitting us naturally and physically.

Not only agro well but also the trainings given in life skill development(leadership, community based organization functioning and it’s benefit, new techniques in agriculture production(organic compost)and many other lessons gave us to organize a well planned structure to lead a peaceful life.

To increase agriculture production and lead a peaceful life is our dream.


【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

February 27, 2014 in Sri Lanka |