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International Patients' day

Let us introduce the International Patients Day which was held in Baghdad the other day. The International Patients day began in 13, May 1992 by Pope John Paul II, in order to make this day a special time to pray for patients and share their suffering. The catchword for the twenty-second International Patients day of this year is “faith and love”. Many churches in Iraq are celebrating this day every year, as the day to pray, hold several events to share patients’ pain and support them psychologically and financially.


In Baghdad, the International Patients’ Day was celebrated at Sayedat Al- Najat Church on 8 February, in the presence of many clergies, Patriarch the first Raphael Louis Sako and the papal ambassador in Iraq. People prayed and some events were held by Bethany House.


Bethany house was established in Baghdad's Karrada district in 2000 in order to care the ultra-disabilities patients and the elderlies. Currently, there are about 50 elderly women from different governorates, mostly Christians and some of them Muslims and some of them with special needs. Health care is available to them fully through donations.
Mrs. Alhan Smith, the director of the house, and Mrs. Anwar Nazim, assistant to the director, work here as volunteers. They say that man needs a dignified life after the long entire life and they volunteer in the way of God and to do well.


People here live as one family without prejudice. The relationship of humanity is more important than the difference of land of origin or other things. Patriarch the first Raphael Louis Sako has been praised managing this house. He said that the management of Bethany house is an illuminated sign in our current situation and must be supported and encouraged for the reason of nondenominational humanitarian work. At the end of his speech, he appealed to everyone to be a lamp shining in the middle of a long and dark tunnel which our country is in now.


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